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      Counties throughout the Atlanta Region have a variety of sources of water supply. Paulding County is somewhat unique in not having it’s own permitted water supply source and being completely dependent upon an wholesale supplier located within another geographical County for water. This graphic shows permitted drinking water sources for the counties in the vicinity of Paulding County. As part of the 404 Permit Application process a detailed analysis of water supply alternatives was developed that considered the feasibility for using these sources. The analysis determined that with the exception of the current supplier (CCMWA) that “none of the neighboring counties have surplus water resources that could play a role in satisfying Paulding’s growing population and its long-term need for water supply.” Paulding will have two withdrawals and permits one located on the Etowah River within Bartow County; Paulding County will have a second withdrawal and permit from the RCR. Paulding will have ownership and control of the RCR system.

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