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      Funding for the development of the RCR and associated infrastructure will be obtained through a combination of low interest loans provided by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA), funding through the State Direct Investment (SDI) program and revenue bonds.  Revenue from water sold to Paulding County water customers will be used to repay these loans; there will be no increase in tax dollars paid. The RCR is one of four new reservoir projects being funded by GEFA’s Governor’s Water Supply Program (GWSP). Although GEFA has provided funding, the state will not have control over project development, implementation, or operation.  Kevin Clark, Director of GEFA commented, “These… projects are the best, most strategic investments the state can make at this time to secure water supply in the right places and to tackle some of Georgia’s most significant water supply challenges.”  The financial analysis Paulding County had prepared to identify the most fiscally responsible approach to developing the RCR, indicates that water rates for customers will increase.  However, once constructed, the stabilized water supply will benefit customers by establishing lower rates long term, making building the RCR a fiscally prudent long term investment decision.

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