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      Paulding County is focused on managing its aging infrastructure to minimize water loss by identifying problem areas where there are leaking pipes and making repairs. To ensure the County is focused on the right assets, Paulding County performs an annual water audit to track progress towards reducing water loss; and to date, progress has been positive. Every year, Paulding County along with all other large Georgia water systems take part in a Water Loss Audit. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division (EPD) published the results of the 2011 audit in January of 2013.

      During the audit process an Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) is developed for each system. This ILI is a detailed operational key performance indicator for real water losses in a system. Typical ranges for the ILI in Georgia are 1 to 6, and it is desired to try to achieve an ILI as close to 1 as possible. Paulding County had an ILI Rating of 1.65 in 2011, which put it in the most desired range of 1 to 3. Audits for 2012 and 2013 have not yet been authenticated by EPD, however the 2013 ILI that was calculated and submitted to the state for Paulding County was 1.16. While no utility can expect a 0% water loss, Paulding County is working towards additional reductions.

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