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      Having access to reliable, safe drinking water is essential to any community. Paulding County—one of the only counties in the metro Atlanta region without an independent water supply—has long relied on the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority to supply its water. With Paulding County’s population projected to double over the next 25 years, an abudant, secure, and independent supply of water is needed to support a healthy, thriving community.

      Paulding County is committed to meeting this essential need and is implementing the Richland Creek Reservoir Water Supply Program to secure a new, independent water supply for future generations of county residents. Efforts began in 1999 when the citizens of Paulding County approved the development of a new water supply reservoir, a process that often takes up to 20 years. Since that time, and after significant efforts involving numerous federal and state governmental agencies including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the County was granted a 404 permit in October 2015 allowing the construction of the Richland Creek Reservoir Water Supply Program.

      The State of Georgia has contributed more than $80 million in low-interest loans and grants to help make this project—the largest in Paulding County’s history—become a reality. Over the next 3 years, a new dam, a reservoir, a water treatment plant (WTP), two major pump stations, 20 miles of pipeline, and other distribution system improvements will be constructed to secure an independent, sustainable water supply source for Paulding County.

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      The program will significantly reduce drought impacts on our water system.

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